I am a husband, father, Christ follower and entrepreneur. I am creative at heart, a thinker, a writer, a designer, and a dreamer. Though I am all these things, I have learned to prioritize and restrain my passions. I have learned to be faithful and see things through. Most importantly, I have learned to be still, quiet, and allow God to orchestrate all things.  



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In the beginning of 2016, I began working with Digital Sign Network LLC as a salesman and marketer, branding the company DSN Outdoor.  In late 2018, I was asked to come on as general manager and rebranded the company as Anchor Billboards.  Since then I have overseen operations and customer account management, drastically decreased the overall operating budget, all-the-while increasing profit margins.  In addition to the current inventory, our company is currently in the process of constructing four 14’ x 48’ digital billboards along highway 99 in Stockton, Ca.  In the next few years, we hope to double our digital billboard inventory in California’s Central Valley.



Founded in 1995, Copperopolis Area Business Association, or CABA, has existed to benefit the business of Copperopolis, Ca. Because of Covid 19, CABA had been on hold and morale was low. In the beginning of 2021, I was approached by a local community leader about the possibility of me joining the CABA board. With my experience in marketing, advertising, web design and management, the board agreed that I would benefit the organization.  In the beginning of February, I officially joined the board as Marketing Director. We are currently in the process of rebranding and building a new website that will benefit the local business community. The future is bright for CABA!

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In the past I’ve been involved in many ministries, from outreach programs to being on church staff.  I’ve lead fundraising campaigns and preached behind numerous pulpits. Over the years however, my faith has been simplified. I have moved from the realm of church production and schedules to quiet study and wholesome fellowship. I have learned to test my beliefs and challenge my paradigms, leaving room for correction and realignment. In this age of technology, I am now able to meet and study with people from all over the globe. I enjoy the gatherings we have in our homes with fellow believers and welcome all to join. If you desire fellowship, please reach out.